Go with your gut feeling

Don’t be afraid to lose, because you only need to succeed once!

Go with your gut feeling



One of the core values we hold dear at Siddiqsons is our ability to innovate and be on the forefront of global trends. Siddiqsons is a pioneer in denim manufacturing in Pakistan. Since its establishment, we have always focused on manufacturing and delivering quality products to our customers.

Siddiqsons has grown exponentially over the years and currently operates eight different units in Sindh and Baluchistan. This growth has been possible mainly because of the exceptional and diverse talent that we have working with us. Our employees remain our primary focus as the unique skills and strengths of each member of our team helps us maintain our position as a top denim mill in Pakistan and the region.  

In our quest to become the best denim manufacturers in Pakistan, we have not forgotten our mission to work towards making the world stronger and safer. Siddiqsons is putting a special emphasis on contributing towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been developed by the United Nations. We have an important responsibility to ensure that we provide value to society through our Company operations.

Siddiqsons has made significant investments towards sustainability in its operations including energy efficiency and water management. Sustainability is integral to our core business practices and we are working directly with communities across Pakistan to contribute towards the sustainable development of society.

I look toward the future as an opportunity for us to accelerating our sustainability efforts, to expand into more markets and bring greater progress to Pakistan.