Few things that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Few things that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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Munich Fabric Start 03 & 05 September 2019

As one of the leading international textile trade show, MUNICH FABRIC START opens the new season twice yearly with a vast selection of collections ranging from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories. More than 1.000 international suppliers from 40 countries, including many renowned fabric and accessories manufacturers, present some 1.800 collections in Munich.

They offer the textile and fashion industry a broad, strong portfolio

to source for the new season. Continuously raising the bar on inspiration, information and innovation, MUNICH FABRIC START has positioned itself as the leading trade show for textiles and accessories.

Each season our rigorously selected portfolio draws more than 20.300 visitors to Munich from across Europe, including buyers and designers for the most influential retailers and fashion brands.

14th August celebration at Siddiqsons Limited

Siddiqsons pays homage to people who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom, for their imminent generations and for the sake of independent land. Siddiqsons Limited being the national flagship company of Pakistan celebrated Independence Day with patriotic zest and enthusiasm. Siddiqsons Limited sticks to the point of unity, integrity, discipline, and faith, as said by our great Quaid and responsible for the development, progress, prosperity, and peace of our nation

Happy Independence Day!

Bangladesh Denim Expo 3rd & 4th May 2019

Bangladesh Denim Expo has been organized by Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Denim Expert Ltd., as a non-profit exercise.  The Expo’s objective is to showcase Bangladesh’s growth potential in the denim industry. Bangladesh is well-known for denim and jeans production, for both niche and mass markets. Buyers respect the Bangladeshi ability to offer great margins and high-quality goods.

While delivering strong commercial opportunities, the Bangladesh Denim Expo operates from a platform of responsibility. The show has the spirit of a collective, with like-minded denim players from around the world bringing to life a new vision. When people meet Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, they recognise his passion. He is passionate about denim, to the point of getting hands-on involved in the design and laundry, and creating his own brand blueXonly that sells in European market. Mr. Uddin started in 1999 with a buying office, then established the Denim Expert factory – a Bangladesh-Netherlands joint venture, the facility is built to European standards, in structure, in workers’ rights and in health & safety. Now he turns his attention to the Bangladesh Denim Expo, to focus the denim industry on the outstanding potential in this country.

“My personal drive is to make a difference for my industry, but equally for my country. I want to be the agent of change who, together with my friends and colleagues in the denim world, sets a new scene for how international buyers and brands see Bangladesh in the future,” says Mr. Uddin.

Accelerating the denim trade in Bangladesh is not only good business, but it is a vital catalyst for improving the quality of life here.
There is another story behind the business boom – the story of a nation and its people. The garment industry is a major employer, especially of women from the poor countryside who have very few options to earn a living. They are mostly excluded from formal work in cities, but our industry gives them opportunities. Indeed, women make up 80 per cent of the fashion workforce. By realizing its potential, the denim trade in Bangladesh can lift people out of poverty.

What is good for the people of Bangladesh becomes good for the denim industry. Buyers and brands profit as a more stable workforce means better products, while greater investment in education means skills will endure.The collapse in 2013 of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka was a national tragedy that was felt around the world. Initiatives like the Bangladesh Denim Expo, by raising standards, prevent a repeat of these terrible events.

This country is on a great adventure: an inspiring trip to the world of blue. We ask you to join us on this ride. At the Bangladesh Denim Expo, we will share your passion, realize your goals and together create a market that respects the environment and the people of this planet. From the humble beginnings of a trade show, we can build a future for all of us, and our children.
Come on, let’s rock those jeans!

Management Trainee Officers of 2019

At Siddiqsons we believe young talent is our future!.
We welcomed the Management Trainee Officers of 2019 into the Siddiqsons Family on February 25, 2019 where 16 MTOs  were inducted into our Garments division.
During our one year trainee program, the inductees will undergo an extensive training program consisting of various departmental rotations and external trainings to groom them into the future leaders of Sididqsons.
We have high hopes for our MTOs and have full faith they will continue on the path of success. We wish them all the best in the program!

Tex world Paris Expo on 11th to 14th February 2019

Texworld Paris is a gathering that occurs twice a year with approximately 1,000 international manufacturers of high-end fabric products specializing in cotton, denim, knitted fabrics, and other materials participating.

This year’s exhibition saw Siddiqsons display innovative high-quality products including our sustainable and advanced denim and knitted denim products.


Official sponsor of Quetta Gladiators

Legacy To Inspire!

Siddiqsons is proud to be the official sponsor of Quetta Gladiators for Pakistan Super League 4 (PSL).

We have a rich history of encouraging socio-economic and technological activities across the country and keeping up with our legacy, we have partnered with one of the best and most prominent PSL team, Quetta Gladiators for the 4th season of Pakistan’s premier cricket league.

We look forward to a sensational and thrilling cricketing season and wish all the teams best of luck for the competition.

Siddiqsons remain committed to play its role in promoting international sports festivities and portray a positive image for Pakistan in international community!



Source Denim brings international manufacturers of denim and stretch fabric products a chance to display their products in front of the global gathering of brands and retailers.

Keeping up with our commitment towards high-quality research, technologically superior and environmentally friendly products, Siddiqsons participated in the event with a diverse assortment of denim and knitted denim products. With a positive response from various international brands, Siddiqsons is all ready to further increase our global footprint in the global denim industry.


Hajj Sponsorship Program 2019

Hajj is considered to be the largest pilgrimage in the world and the fifth pillar of Islam. Under the Hajj Sponsorship Program at Siddiqsons, three employees are selected each year to perform Hajj on company’s account through balloting.

Hajj Balloting for 2019 was carried out on 27th Floor, Ocean Mall on Friday, 1 February 2019 where the CEO has announced the following lucky winners:


Code Name Designation Unit
 000104 Gulam Abbas Security Guard Security
012200 Ansar Abbas Jobber Spinning
1004425 Riaz Ahmed Supervisor D-53


14th Challenger Corporate Cup 2018

Siddiqsons emerged victorious in the Challenger Corporate Cup 2018 against competitors such as Group M, Folio 3, Jubilee Insurance etc. On November 10, 2018, we defeated Abbott by scoring 160 runs in 19.3 overs.

The winning team consisted of: Mr. Aamir Murtaza (SSL), Mr. Noman Alam (SSL), Mr. Chinthaka Nirosha (SSL), Mr. Shoaib Veerji (SSL), Mr. Abdul Samad (SSE), Mr. Yasir (STPL), Mr. Kamran (STPL), Mr. Fawad Ahmed (SSL), Mr. Muhammad Jawwad (SSL), Mr. Shahzaib Haroon (SSL), Mr. Jamal Faraz (SSL), Mr. Sohail Anwar (SSL), Mr. Haris Arif (Ex-Employee), and Mr. Saad Masood (Ex-Employee).

Cricket Tournament Win Celebration



Source Denim brings international manufacturers of denim and stretch fabric products a chance to display their products in front of the global gathering of brands and …

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Shanghai International Jeans Wear Expo

Siddiqsons participated in the 5th Shanghai International Jeans Wear Expo was held from April 20-22, 2018 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China and saw major brands showcasing their apparel & clothing products.

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The Sourcing Connection – PV Paris

The Sourcing Connection at Premiere Vision Paris – The global event for denim fashion professionals was held from 19-21st September 2018 and saw Siddiqsons showcasing its various products.

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14th Challenger Corporate Cup 2018

Siddiqsons emerged victorious in the Challenger Corporate Cup 2018 against competitors such as Group M, Folio 3, Jubilee Insurance etc. On November 10, 2018, we defeated Abbott by scoring 160 runs in 19.3 overs.

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