The essence of business lies with responsibility and public good!

The essence of business lies with responsibility and public good!


Social responsibility

Our operational policies and practices bring a positive change towards our commitment to CSR goals.

Siddiqsons is one of the most socially conscious and responsible manufacturers in Pakistan and has undertaken great care to foster a sustainable and healthy working environment that is not just ethical, but also socially and environmentally in line with global standards.

CSR Policy


Siddiqsons remains committed to our vision and mission of fostering sustainable and socially responsible business operations. Our business and ethics revolves around the sustainable development of economic activities in balance with societal and environmental development that are involved or affected by our economic activities. Thereby, we held ourselves as responsible to provide a nurturing environment for our people, society and nature where we operate.

Aziz Rafi Trust

Aziz Rafi Trust gives back to the community by helping them grow into viable and functional societies. Some basic functioning of Aziz Rafi group include:

  1. Donations are made to various schools, colleges and foundations.
  2. Provision of water through boring and hand pumps in various villages of Sindh (Fresh drinking water line for local citizens)
  3. Employees children Education Assistance Program
  4. Monthly Scholarship for 20 Students to The Hunar Foundation.
  5. Monthly donation to The Health Foundation (Pakistan).
  6. Monthly donation to Aasra Society.
  7. Employees Children Education Fund.

Other Activities 

  1. Free IT Center at facilities for locals and employees (Registered with the Trade Testing Board Quetta) where 1,000+ students have passed out from the Siddiqsons Institute
  2. Life Insurance of all employees
  3. Free firefighting training for the locals
  4. Sports activities