Instead of a job, get a career!

Instead of a job, get a career!

From our leaders to the larger community, Siddiqsons is dedicated to ensuring that diversity and inclusion principles are present in our hiring, our communication, our innovation, and the way we manufacture our products. Through their diverse opinions and experiences, our employees across the country contribute greatly towards ensuring an open and communicative culture at Siddiqsons. We are an equal opportunity employer and have taken multiple measures to ensure diversity across all business levels.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Much like our products, we are committed to finding and developing world class leaders and ensuring that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and trends in the industry. At Siddiqsons, we believe our people aren’t just our most treasured resources but actually an investment in the future; thereby a cornerstone of our growth and success.

Employee development


HR Values

Support our Employee’s development

We Recognize our Employee’s achievements

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Siddiqson's Embrace Diversity

Motivate our Employees to perform their best

Encourage our Employees to be Passionate

We welcomed the Management Trainee Officers of 2019 into the Siddiqsons Family on February 25, 2019 where 16 MTOs were inducted into our Garments division.
During our one year trainee program, the inductees will undergo an extensive training program consisting of various departmental rotations and external trainings to groom them into the future leaders of Sididqsons.
We have high hopes for our MTOs and have full faith they will continue on the path of success. We wish them all the best in the program!

At Siddiqsons we believe young talent is our future!

Our People


Whether you are an industry veteran with years of experience, or a fresh graduate about to embark on your professional journey, if you think you have what it takes to join our exceptional team of professionals, drop your resume at or apply at one of our open opportunities below: