Together towards a sustainable future!

Together towards a sustainable future!



Environmental sustainability has remained at the forefront of Siddiqsons operations since inception. We fully understand our responsibilities towards the society and nature where we operate.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our environmental impact is reduced, our work processes are more efficient and effective work processes and that we engage in socially responsible initiatives. We remain committed to create a green future for the next generations by taking measures towards sustainability including:

Reducing waste by remaking fabric through recycling used garments

Tree plantations of over 5,000 trees; with 1,000 more tree plantations in the pipeline

Certified Chemicals – no chemicals are used through the restrictive substance list. ZDHC certified.

Using vegetable waste dyes which are bio-degradable and organic.

Machines Waterless washing in Garments through the laser machine & Ozone wash

Old condensate lines are being changed to save water, heat & energy.

Emissions test of nox & sox are being conducted quarterly under EPA benchmarks

Energy analyzers installation is planned

Organic cotton

Using Aniline free Indigo (the 1st Sustainable Indigo)

Plans to introduce ‘Future Denim’ with Archroma which will ensure a low environmental impact dyeing and finishing of denim

Results in more sustainability, more performance, and more colours. Ensures: a.Up to 52% less water b.Up to 23% less energy c.Up to 17% less Co2 emission